Customer Installation Policy

Vital Heating Solutions encourage potential customer contact via options including, telephone, email, website, social media, and walk-in face to face enquiries.

We aim to respond to all customer enquiries in a timely manner, providing specific detailed information relative to the enquiry.

Formal quotations are provided in writing via email or hard copies through the post if requested and these are valid for a period of 30 days, thus allowing the customer the opportunity to take their time in deciding whether or not to proceed, we do not operate a hard sell policy at all, we do not employ sales-people on a commission-based scheme of any kind.

We aim to find the best price for our customers. Our estimates are tailor-made to each individual’s requirements. Firstly, our office staff will carry out a phone survey to receive some basic information and any additional information the customer would like to share. Depending on what information is gathered through the phone survey will determine whether an engineer needs to carry out a site survey.

If a site visit isn’t required, Vital Heating will send a photo survey (via email) to the customer. Once the photos come back an estimate will then be generated and sent over to the customer. If there are any questions at all regarding the estimate, our office staff will try their utmost to answer. Sometimes an Engineer may need to be contacted to find the answers, but we always aim to deal with any questions within an efficient timescale.

We will then confirm a provisional installation date giving the customer adequate notice. Once we have all parts and products confirmed we can then allocate relevant labour for the project and confirm the installation start date, also providing an indicative timescale for the completion of the installation.

Note: Vital Heating Solutions do require payment upfront before any job is started this is due to guaranteeing the Engineer’s visit and any tools required. However, in the case of customer emergencies and unforeseen circumstances, we will have to rearrange the date to a later time.

Once all parties are happy and upon completion of the work the customer will be asked for their feedback, as enhancing our customer service and improving their journey is vital for us.

Vital Heating Solutions will register the warranties with the relevant manufactures and benchmark.

We are committed to providing the very highest level of service to all our customers and we always provide and encourage customers to write us a review on Google and/or Facebook and to provide constructive feedback via our social media platforms. Our marketing team may use these in future advertising or marketing campaigns.

Are you VAT and Construction Industry Scheme registered or are you an end-user?

According to, “Where sales operations or networks are clearly set for domestic consumer sales it’s not necessary to check the VAT, CIS or end-user status of the customer and the normal VAT rules should apply.”

If there is any doubt we will always ask you, the customer, whether you’re registered for VAT and CIS and whether or not you’re in fact an end-user. However, if there’s no doubt, as we deal with end-users or intermediary suppliers frequently; we will assume that you, our customer, is an end-user or intermediary supplier unless you the customer says you’re not – this then places the responsibility on you the customer to respond, if this is not the case.