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Here at Vital, we provide effective ventilation systems that work to contribute to your heating and air conditioning systems; increasingly, Air Conditioning & Ventilation is becoming a key component in commercial and industrial buildings. By recovering waste energy and feeding that back into your building, our system will improve air quality in your commercial premises and/or domestic dwellings, along with a reduction in energy costs!

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Our clients can be confident that we apply our extensive knowledge to ensure that their specific demands are met. We understand that high air quality is important for many industrial and commercial applications, where the perfect temperature, humidity, air quality, and comfort are important including: Offices, Open Plan Areas, Shops, Retail, Restaurants, Banks, Server Room & Data Centre Cooling Solutions, Manufacturing Clean Rooms, Pharmaceutical environments and much more. Whether installed as stand-alone ventilation systems or integrated with air conditioning, the correct design and selection of equipment can result in more than 85% of waste energy being recovered, resulting in significant reductions in both plant size and running costs.

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