Our bespoke Energy Centre solutions

Our focus is on energy efficiency and sustainability with the provision of  Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and/or heat pumps. Each building can be connected through a heat network. Energy centres offer a very efficient way of heating buildings – with no need for an individual boiler plant room in each building.

Vital Heating Solutions Energy Centre Plant Room UK Lancashire

Energy Centres: heating solutions for communities across the UK

We build and maintain Energy Centres across the UK, offering a cost-effective way to generate energy through a central power plant, for example, a CHP plant. The Energy Centre can provide heat, electricity and cooling to a group of buildings through a decentralised network.

At Vital Heating Solutions, we know Energy Centres are an efficient way of generating and supplying heat to a community, and we understand why they are becoming increasingly popular. These centralised Boiler Plants supply heating and hot water to homes and businesses, replacing the need for individual boilers.

Why choose Vital for Energy Centre?

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