Vital Heating’s commercial renewables, LPG & plumbing solutions…

Vital Heating Solutions specialise in providing comprehensive Industrial Plumbing, Commercial Gas Engineering and HVAC solutions for clients across the North West, as well as servicing businesses around the UK. We’re based in the heart of Lancashire, and we have experienced Design Consultants and specialist Engineers who cater to all of your Heating & Cooling needs. Please choose from the options below or feel free to contact us for further information.

Industrial Pipe Welding Specialists

Commercial Boiler & Plant Rooms

Commercial Plumbing & LPG Specialists

Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Industrial Ventilation Services

Renewable Air Source Heat Pump

Renewable Ground Loops Solutons

Commercial Bathroom Services

Underfloor Heating Solutions

District Heating & CHP Services

Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy

White Label and Subcontracting