Pipe Welding Fabrication solutions; covering all aspects of Process, Hygienic & Energy pipework systems – specialising in stainless and carbon steel welding.

At Vital Heating, we can fabricate and erect pipework on-site to your exact specifications, offering a range of pipe specifications for a variety of specialist applications. You can also come to us for a complete design & installation of gas manifolds; as we have the knowledge and experience with industrial installs taking customers’ requirements from brief to completion, on budget, and on most importantly on time, with expert professional service. Our customers can also call on our maintenance services to keep their systems working like new.

We specialise in all aspects of the design and installation of pipework services including stainless steel OD dairy, metric, and schedule sizes. Carbon steel schedule sizes, Duplex materials, various plastics either glued, butt fusion, or socket fusion for various substances.

Industrial Pipe Welding Commercial FMCG Welders Fabrication Specialists Lancashire UK

Why Vital for Pipework?

Pipe Welding Fabrication Solutions for the Industrial Commercial FMCG sectors covering all aspects of Process Hygienic & Energy pipework systems

We are true pioneers in Industrial & Commercial Pipe Welding. We work closely with our clients ensuring the initial planning process to implementation and aftercare are effectively delivered to the highest of standards and to your needs. Our capabilities are extensive and include services such as:

  • Piping Fabrication

  • Dimensional survey of spools

  • Welding Fabrication

  • Pipeline front-end welding

  • Pipeline back-end welding

  • Welding engineering

  • Meticulous QA/QC Inspection

Comprehensive Coded Welding Service

At Vital Heating Solutions, we have a robust team of multi-coded welders covering a range of diameters, thickness, materials, and specifications. All of our specialist Welders are approved and supported by qualified welding procedures and we’re a SAFed Associate Member. With experience in the Welding & Fabrication industry and a highly modern workshop, extensive facilities, and over-skilled welders, Vital Heating Solutions offers a complete Coded Welding service. With multi-coded welding utilised on the majority of fabrication projects, our highly skilled team of welders are conversant in Coded MIG, TIG & ARC Welding.

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