Ground Source Heat Pumps for commercial usage…

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) can provide heating and hot water for a range of residential and commercial properties by extracting heat from the ground. This means a home or business can use clean, low carbon, consistent energy all year round. GSHPs work by extracting heat from the ground. This is done by burying ground loops at least 1 meter below the surface of the ground. The length of pipe required depends on how much heat needs to be extracted to meet the heat demand of a property.

Ground Source heat Pump UK

Starting from 5kW to 100’s of kW’s in power output, there is a GSHP set up suitable for most heating applications. Not only do they provide cost-effective operation, but they are also supported through the Renewable Heat Incentive and provide an attractive return on investment. Check out the benefits of Heat Pumps by clicking here.

There are several features of a Ground Source Heating Pump system that make them preferential over traditional fossil fuel heating systems. Firstly, a Ground Source Heap Pump will decrease your energy bills, especially when replacing a fossil fuel central heating boiler, and can still provide your building with 100% of your heating and hot water demand. The pumps aren’t just a source of heat in the winter, but also can provide passive cooling to your buildings and act as a back up to Air Conditioning if required.

Because the pumps are buried underground, the technology is often known as an “invisible heating system” and remains out of sight – freeing up space for other uses. A benefit of them being underground means very little maintenance is required, being ideal for any business. Heat pumps are ideal for use with other technologies, such as Underfloor Heating as the pumps transfer heat at a higher coefficient if it is delivered to a large warm water circuit, than a small warm water circuit, i.e. radiators. Another benefit of GSHPs is the potential to add value to your property. Using clean sources of renewable energy is increasing in popularity by the day and many buildings and homes are already looking for new ways to utilise green energy.

A well-designed commercial Heat Pump system is more than capable of providing all the heating needs for a business and, in the long term, represent good value for money in savings from reduced energy bills and the income generated from the Renewable Heat Incentive, as well as helping commercial premises bring down that all-important carbon footprint.