Air Source Heat Pumps for commercial & industrial premises…

Heat Pumps essentially move heat from one area to another. The most popular type is the Air Source Heat Pump that uses a small amount of electrical energy to transfer the ambient heat in the air outside your premise(s) and move it inside, where, at a higher temperature it can then be used for underfloor heating, radiators or maintaining a supply of hot water. Another type of Heat Pump is Ground, as a source of abundant free heat, but the principle is largely the same. Check out the benefits of Heat Pumps by clicking here.

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Many businesses trying to cut down on their carbon footprint and reduce energy bills are starting to look at Heat Pumps for a long-term cost-effective solution to heating a busy office. According to the Energy Savings Trust last year, something like a ground source heat pump could save and make a business without a gas supply some £3,000 per year.

A well-designed commercial Heat Pump system is more than capable of providing all the heating needs for a business and, in the long term, represent good value for money in savings from reduced energy bills and the income generated from the Renewable Heat Incentive, as well as helping commercial premises bring down that all-important carbon footprint.