Project Description

Broughton C of E Primary School dates back to 1824, and was built with high church-like ceilings, our first challenge in dealing with a building like this was ensuring we keep works carried out in line with English Heritage constraints. 

Vital Heating Solutions submitted a plan to remove all existing pipe boxing, as well as the ‘one pipe’ steel system and cast-iron radiators. We had several site meetings to discuss the main objectives of installing a new system. This project was a challenge from the start, due to the nature of the building and its heritage. There were many interested parties including the architects, diocese, heritage organisationand school governors. 

Permission was given to commence work, and we acknowledged a tight 5-week timescale for completion. We carried out work over the weekends and weekdays with extended working hours. All the floors throughout the building were protected and we began removal of the boxing and distribution pipework. Once the building and the Plant Room had been stripped out, we instructed the team of decorators to start work preparing the room and painting it with acrylic paint. When the Plant Room was fully decorated, we started work on installing the boilers and pipework to connect to the new zoned distribution pipework. We instructed a specialist to drain the oil tank and store the oil in a new container on site. 

A slab was formed to site the new double bunded oil tank. Once cured, we installed the tank and instructed a specialist to pump the kerosene back. We then filled the tank with new oil ready for the winter months. 

Vital Heating Solutions had a new consumer unit installed to supply power to the fan convectors and Plant Room. The destratification fans were also wired into the new MCB board. The new pipework and emitters were installed throughout to complete the job, enabling us to hand-over 3 days before the deadline. 

Technologies used:

  • LST radiators were specified due to a risk assessment on pupils and document BB101 which explains the category profile. 
  • Zoned copper pipework beneath the suspended wooden floors 
  • Double bunded oil tank and base 
  • Grant Vortex blue internal 36kw room sealed boiler with low loss header 
  • Expansion vessels 
  • Magna 3 twin head pumps 
  • Two-channel programmer 
  • x2 room thermostats 
  • x2 destratification fans
  • x1 Fan modulation controller and high limit thermostat 

The outcome of the project: 

All parties involved in the planning stages of this project were astounded to see the building complete, having been freshly decorated with a completely new heating system and controls. We can safely say we brought an old 1800’s building into the 21st Century with a greatly reduced heating bill and new seasonal efficiency, all whilst keeping in mind and remaining respectful of the building’s history. Carolyn Singleton, Headteacher at Broughton Primary School, said: ‘During my time as a headteacher, I have worked with many contractors. I am pleased to say that Vital Heating Solutions provided excellent service from the initial planning to the completion of the project. The staff were unfailingly polite and easy to talk to. The work was carried out to a high standard, on time, and within the budget. The premises were left daily in a neat and tidy condition. They were provided with keys and proved to be responsible and trustworthy. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services and in employing them in the future.