Commercial heating systems are not cheap but with good design should last 20-25 years. It is important to understand the costs of not just the install cost but how much the plant costs to operate and maintain. As every site is different the choice of heating equipment will change too, this is to match your expectations for reliability and efficiency.

With much greater awareness of emissions from heating systems, it is important to select the correct equipment to make the new installation future-proof by meeting likely future regulations on emissions and help achieve a zero-carbon future.

Here at Vital Heating Solutions, we know it is important to match the heating plant to match the real site system load not just at the maximum output but at low load conditions, this stops the boilers cycling which not only affects the system efficiency but affects the boiler reliability as well. A well-matched modular boiler system to the system load will keep capital costs down as well as minimise running and maintenance costs…

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