So what are the benefits of having Ground or Air Source Heat Pumps installed? First off, you can save money and energy by installing a Ground or Air Source Heat Pump.

Did you know that a well-designed heat pump system transfers around three times more energy into a property as heat than it uses to extract it from the ground or air… As a result, heat pumps have the potential to significantly lower fuel bills, particularly in properties without access to mains gas.

The Benefits of Heat Pumps for Businesses

  • Despite the initial cost of installing a heat pump system, there are significant savings that can be made on your fuel bills if you are currently using electricity, oil, solid fuel, or liquid gas to heat your premises

  • You will also be able to benefit from the new Renewable Heat Incentive initiative from the Department of Energy and Climate Change that pays you per kilowatt-hour produced

  • Correctly installed by a qualified supplier, a heat pump shouldn’t need any regular maintenance and could last between 10 and 25 years or more

  • Heat pumps improve air quality, have low noise, low running costs, and can be used as air conditioning, cooling down the office environment when needed, and providing a controlled climate

  • Ideal for off-grid properties

  • Extracts heating and hot water from the energy stored in the air or ground

  • Generates more energy than it uses

  • Qualifies for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments to offset the cost of MCS-compliant installation


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